Hey, I’m Lukas Majzlan:

Designer, Founder, Father and Husband

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I’m a Design Director with years of experience in building great-looking brands and appealing digital experiences.

In 2007 I founded an award-winning studio –

All the goodness I'm building


Over the years I worked for brands like: CERN, Baťa, Ringier Axel Springer, Biopak, TV JOJ, Kiwi.com, Slido, DOXXbet, LYRA Chocolate, Shimano, VAT and many others.

Currently, I’m chief of Design at

, an


and I build my own stuff, like


I love clarity. I love the minimalistic and smart creative design that people love to use and interact with. I love the ordered pixel-perfect and well-crafted design with smooth and meaningful interactions.

I’m different. I always use light mode

I’m different. I always use

I’m different. I always use

light mode

That’s me.